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Saint Paul Story
Paul the great Apostle to the Gentiles, the Hebrew name Saul, Saul, born in Tarsus (State of Cilicia) from the family of a Jewish father was a merchant with the place holder in honor of the pastoral ROMANIAN excellent and was a Pharisee Abrania conservative traditions and the provisions of the law. He joined the complex Jew in Tarsus, a six-year-old where he learned Hebrew and studied Greek and mastered the industry tents as it was forced on them custom When he was fifteen-year-old sent his father to Jerusalem to receive the religious sciences and Itbhr in the law, and there he was able to sit at the feet (Gmalaúal) months teachers Law and Mvsrah. He returned to Tarsus to join the Hebrew university and delve deeper into the philosophy.
History shows that it was not in Jerusalem during the last three years of the Lord Jesus Christ, he admits in one of his letters that he did not see the body of Christ.
Paul was called by that name in the book of Acts (or Saul, who is also Paul) and mean (small). The first mention of him in the trial of Stephen (They took off their clothes at the feet of a young man named Saul), this indicates that the influence and was a fanatic hates that the crucified (the Messiah) and believed that his followers were dangerous religious and political, he killed them, so he attacked the followers of the crucified in Jerusalem and abroad service to God and the law .
(It was on the road to Damascus, in the middle of the day when cabled around a light from heaven fell to the ground). (Acts 9)
And heard a voice say to him (Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me), said Saul (who you are, O Lord) answered the sound (I am Jesus whom you are persecuting hard for you to Tqaomena), said a tired afraid (Oh Lord, what do you want to do) Lord said to him (do and enter the city and there you are told what to work) and was with him the men stood silent and hear the sound, even if they do not distinguish words. Venhs Saul from the ground and opened his eyes and he does not see the thing.
Paul was born and born again, I came to him calling Patriarch agreed to be sure that the Lord Jesus appeared to him in front of the eye, so check that Jesus is the Son of the living God, Savior of mankind from sin and sins.
Entered Saul's Damascus and became obedient to the Lord and what came Ananias and put his hand on him and told him (my brother Saul sent me to you Lord Jesus, who appeared to you and you in the way that I've come of them, so that the sight to you and be filled with the Holy Spirit) returned to the sight, and he and deliberately. Mokhtlaa remained with the Lord in the southern region of Damascus for three years, shone the light of truth, faith and grew passionate and jealous in Jesus. Heard by the Jews of Damascus and tried to kill him, took him to the disciples the night of the fence and the bucket in the pause, he fled to Jerusalem where he was welcomed by Barnabas and submitted to the apostles. Openly preached in Jerusalem, making the Greeks are trying to kill him, he went to Tarsus, his hometown. It is likely that he remained there for about six years and that the foundations of the Christian churches. The call to preach the heavenly abroad, and began this apostle missionary trips, which were the results spread the Gospel in Asia Minor and the Balkans, Italy and Spain ... And so on. Wrote his letters in the many missionary trips. Families of the Apostle Paul, imprisoned and martyred mujahid in the way of Allah (67-68 m in Romans).

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Syria is the cradle of civilizations; it is one of the first Arab countries which attract the attention of tourists, due to her great history. And to provide the best place to sojourn… We are honored to inform you about the opening of Saint-Paul Hotel ( Old Damascus - Bab Sharqi - Hannania quartier)…. The hotel is extremely easy to reach from all directions; it’s 20m far from Hannanias’ Church, 30m from St. Paul Church, and only 10 min walk from the Omayyad Mosque. The hotel is distinguished by its fabulous oriental form, such as monuments surrounded by it. The internal side has a fountain and courtyard. The rooms are 7, attributed to the 7 Damascus gates, named: Room 1-Bab Sharqi (dbl / sgl) Room 2- Bab Touma (dbl / sgl) Room 3- Bab El Faradis (twn) Room 4- Bab El Salam (twn) Room 5- Bab El-Faraj (twn) Room 6- Bab El Sagheer (twn) Room 7- Bab Keesan (suite)

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